How To Start Selling

Welcome to THE LOCOWAVE!

This page is dedicated to guiding you on how to start selling on the website. 

Firstly, you will need to go to the My Accounts page and register as a vendor. Once details have been confirmed you will be able to post your products, however, products will have to go through certain checks to ensure they don’t violate any policies. Therefore, products will have a ‘pending review’ status. 

After your first successful sale, you would be able to post products without having to wait for the products to be checked, however, products will be checked occasionally to ensure they don’t violate any policies. In the event that your products violate our policies, the products will be taken down and if this continues severally, the vendor’s account could be suspended or permanently deleted.

There is a flat commission rate of 10% per product listed. This means if a product is listed at the price of 5000, THE LOCOWAVE will receive 10% of 5000 = 500 and the vendor will receive 4500. 

Customers are expected to put additional information such as size, colour, etc. within the additional information tab so customers are aware of any extra info concerning the products.

When a customer buys from the website the vendor will be notified. The vendor will be expected to drop the packaged product at our office so we can ensure packaging standards are met and customer satisfaction is maintained.

However, In the event that a customer has one or several items from one vendor in their cart, vendors can request for a delivery provided by us. Vendors can request for a delivery within the delivery requests tab in My accounts by entering the order number. This request will be processed to verify the customers cart has items from one vendor. If the request is accepted the vendor will be notified, if it is declined, the vendor will also be notified so they can send the items to our office.

After a successful sale, the vendor’s cut will be in their account and be displayed in the vendor dashboard. Before the vendor can withdraw their earnings, they would have to put their payment details. To do this the vendor will go to the settings page in the vendor dashboard, then click on the payments page and input their bank name, account number and account name (the other details should be left untouched).

Once the vendor requests for a withdrawal, they requests will be reviewed within 24 hours and processed within another 24 hours.

It is advised to post pictures of your clothes being modelled, or of them in a light box so customers can get a better view of the products. 

THE LOCOWAVE delivers nationwide and it is recommended vendors are based in Lagos for now to avoid delays in getting the products to us before we can ship to the customer.